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Ecoline Fire Truck

Viking toys has been the advocate for sustainable and safe toys for over 40 years. This Fire Truck will last for generations without being harmful to the next. 

These trucks are a perfect choice for sustainable child powered play. At 14cm long they are great for toddlers and their little hands. The inviting clear colours together with its simplicity adds educational play value and fosters creativity, all that’s needed for a safe and fun playtime.

By playing with vehicles in soft durable plastic, children develop their fine motor skills in a playful way, which contributes to better coordination, dexterity, and understanding of cause and effect.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% recyclable but designed to last for life
  • Great for hand eye coordination
  • Encourages imaginative play 
  • Age - 1+
  • Size -  14cm long



Ecoline Fire Truck

VAT Included
    • Plastic made from Sugar Cane
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