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Emergency Services HQ

Hape's Emergency Services HQ is a realistic emergency HQ with road and rail tracks. It includes one station building, one opening bridge, one pylon bridge, a fire engine, a police car, three figurines (police officer, fire fighter and criminal), a two-carriage freight train, 14 road tracks, and 10 wooden rail tracks.

With so many pieces, the fun begins in assembling this realistic emergency services set. Once assembled together, get ready to start keeping the roads and railways safe. Have the police catch the robber and put him in jail. Then send the fire brigade out to put out the flames.

The HQ has a jailhouse and a garage for servicing the vehicles. The jailhouse door opens to put the baddy behind bars. The HQ roof has a working siren and flashing light. These little extra touches are what keep the little ones enticed all day long.

This features police and fire brigade headquarters and vehicles. This means while your little one is having fun, they are developing their problem-solving skills, social skills, exercising their creativity and imaginative powers, improving hand-eye coordination, improving dexterity, and sharpening their knowledge of emergency transport systems.

Emergency Services HQ

VAT Included
  • 23cm x 23cm x 42cm (box)

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